Volcanoes per Country

Which countries have the most volcanoes? I am currently learning the programming language Python, mainly to visualise data and draw maps. Since the examples in the tutorials were too boring for me, I have taken on more interesting questions.

Volcanoes of the World as Heatmap
Volcanoes of the World as Heatmap

An interesting dataset is the list of active volcanoes (i.e. at least 1 eruption in the Holocene) from https://volcano.si.edu/, which can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet.

As a choropleth map I wanted the number of volcanoes per country. It was then not so easy to combine the data set with other data sets (the shapefiles of the countries etc.)…

Anzahl der Vulkane pro Staat
Choropleth map of volcanoes per country

I was surprised that the USA is number one with 147 volcanoes. However, 26% of these are on the Aleutian Islands and 22% on the Alaska Peninsula … Indonesia follows in second place with 123 volcanoes, Russia in third place with 99 volcanoes, then come Japan and Chile.

Now that I have the dataset in shape, I can easily find answers to other questions I have never asked myself. Fun Fact: Tonga has the most volcanoes per square kilometre! No wonder it’s mostly small island states that show up here. Only one non-island state makes it into the top ten, and that is El Salvador.

Country Volcanoes per km2
1 Tonga 0.008021
2 Saint Kitts and Nevis 0.007663
3 Dominica 0.006631
4 Grenada 0.002907
5 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 0.002571
6 Saint Lucia 0.001623
7 Vanuatu 0.001148
8 Comoros 0.000922
9 El Salvador 0.000903
10 Samoa 0.000679
11 Cape Verde 0.000496
12 Iceland 0.000291
13 Japan 0.000283
14 Guatemala 0.000197
15 Costa Rica 0.000196
16 Fiji 0.000164
17 Solomon Islands 0.000141
18 Armenia 0.000134
19 Philippines 0.000133
20 Nicaragua 0.000131
21 Ecuador 0.000122
22 Portugal 0.000119
23 Chile 0.000109
24 Equatorial Guinea 0.000107
25 Djibouti 0.000100