The Petrified Forest of Sarmiento

Petrified trunks of Cretaceous palms and conifers in the Patagonian steppe (Argentina)

Petrified Forest of Sarmiento
Petrified tree trunks near Sarmiento

In the Patagonian steppe, two hours’ drive west of the oil town of Comodoro Rivadavia, lies the Bosque Petrificado of Sarmiento, which is well worth seeing. The short circular trail takes one hour and leads past countless fossilised tree trunks scattered around. In some cases, you can even still make out the structure of the wood. Palm trees and conifers from the Cretaceous period. The steep tuff slope is very beautiful, with its steep erosion gullies and remaining towers and mounds from which a tree trunk protrudes here and there.

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