QGIS Plugin: ProjectUTM

Plugin for QGIS to set CRS of the Project to the UTM Zone corresponding to the center of the extent of the active layer.

QGIS Plugin Registry: ProjectUTM
Source code: Repository on Github
License: GPL v2

Use the plugin to set the QGIS project to UTM (example map: data © OpenStreetMap)

Use case

Open a shapefile or GPX track in QGIS and set the CRS project to the correct UTM zone with one click on the UTM Button in the Plugins Toolbar.


Works with QGIS >= 3.18 (because it requires pyproj >= 3.0.0). You can install the plugin with the Plugin Manager in QGIS. Or clone / copy the source code into your QGIS plugin folder.


1.1 (2023-1)

  • Set required QGIS version to >= 3.18 (because it requires pyproj >= 3.0.0)

1.0 (2023-01)

  • Warn if layer extent is not fully within UTM zone

0.2 (2022-09)

  • Now it also works on layers that are not in WGS84 …
  • Do not crash if pyproj did not return any CRS.
  • Fix typo

0.1 (2022-09)

First Release