A picturesque old town full of silversmiths (Mexico)

Taxco: Santa Prisca

The silver town of Taxco clings to a hilly hillside: a labyrinth of narrow streets and stairs, up and down between gleaming white houses and always pretty views. And in the centre, a particularly beautiful baroque church. Mining is no longer practised here (I see two winding towers), but numerous silversmiths and jewellery shops are all the more active. The narrow market streets below the church are even more winding.

For good views, it is worth going up to the little church of Guadalupe and (much higher still) to the statue of Christ.

A strange contrast to this touristy Pueblo Magico (as such romantic places are marketed in Mexico) are the military jeeps patrolling with machine guns at the ready. The “war on drugs”, which I had hardly noticed before, doesn’t seem far away.

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