From Thailand to Malaysia

I have just arrived in Kota Baru, in the north-east corner of Peninsular Malaysia. Tomorrow I’m taking a boat to the Perhentian Islands. Read on 13 months as a backpacker through Asia Ko Pha Ngan Ko Tao Krabi


The sky is cloudy and almost every day there are one or two heavy monsoon showers – it’s obviously time for me to go to Malaysia, because the rainy season is already over there. But when it clears, the limestone cliffs shine beautifully in the sun. A bar on the beach has new furniture made … Continue reading “Krabi”


The charming 15th century ruins of this town (and of Si Satchanalai, another one a little further north) are set in a large park that blends into the green of the surrounding hills. As you would expect, it’s all about Buddhist temples and monasteries, stupas of all shapes, sitting, standing, walking Buddhas…. The kingdom of … Continue reading “Sukhothai”

Chiang Mai

The much-vaunted flair of Chiang Mai is somewhat relative compared to Luang Prabang, but there are some pretty corners and a few nice temples. An image for the gods is the “Fuck off wankers” shirt by the punk band Exploited, worn by the boy sweeping the floor in front of the golden pagoda. To praise … Continue reading “Chiang Mai”


So much for plans: as the Vietnamese consulate is on holiday for a week, I’m stuck for the time being, or rather I can’t leave for Cambodia until half a week later. So I’m going to take a trip through central Thailand first, because what am I going to do in Bangkok for so long? … Continue reading “Bangkok”