Ko Pha Ngan

Dance and relax on the island in southern Thailand

Lying lazily on the beach… I put off leaving day after day. A nice bunch of young people, 2 good books. I end up burning my back while snorkelling. Ouch.

Full moon party! Travellers from all over Thailand flock to this island once a month. On the beach, the music changes from bar to bar between trance, dance floor, hip hop and rock, thousands dance the night away on the beach. Drugs may also be involved. However, the proportion of freaks and interesting people is smaller than in India. Almost frighteningly large is the number of prostitutes, or Thai girls who are more interested in the purse.

My attempt to reach the neighbouring beach “Bottle Beach” on foot fails due to lack of time. I didn’t expect that the path would go up and down the steep slope overgrown with thick jungle. The flip-flops turn out to be the most impractical footwear imaginable. Monkeys and birds take off in fright and I don’t want to know what else is in the bushes: the snake I discover the next day is non-poisonous. Eventually I see the beach behind a rocky piece of coast. But to get home before sunset, I turn back.

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