Geological excursion: explosive volcanism in the Mediterranean (Greece)

The spectacular caldera of Santorini is the result of several caldera-forming eruptions. One of these was the Bronze Age Minoan eruption, whose thick white pumice and surge deposits form the uppermost unit on the caldera rim. This eruption began after a phreatomagmatic explosion with pumice fall, followed by surges (hot pressure waves) and finally possibly cool mass flows. Other Plinian eruptions have also produced pumice deposits, surges, ignimbrites (some beautiful fiamme). Besides the large eruptions, lava flows (as caldera filling at Skaros), ash cones (Megalo Vuono) and tuff rings (Columbus Tuff Ring) also occur. A new volcano, Nea Kameni, has formed in the centre of the caldera.

spektakulärer Schlot auf Therasia
Vent on Therasia
Blick auf Nea Kameni
View to Nea Kameni

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