Kama Sutra in Stone: The Temples of Khajuraho


This small village, completely removed from any city, is home to some of India’s most exciting temples – known mainly for the many erotic depictions dating back almost 1000 years. Better than the Kama Sutra. All the possible and impossible positions stand in stark contrast to modern Indian society, where (except perhaps in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Mt Abu) even holding hands in public is already taboo.


And before marriage, of course, nothing works. It goes without saying that the partner is chosen by the parents and is not even questioned. When asked whether I want love or arranged marriage, I don’t dare answer that I might not want to get married at all. Some don’t even know that there could be such a thing as love marriage, one asks me the hardly answerable question of what love is in the first place. Some, on the other hand, cite the high divorce rate in the West as an argument in favour of arranged marriage. I argue that a divorced woman is pretty much pushed out of society and therefore prefers to put up with a lot…


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