Three Gorges

Cruise through the gorges of the Yangtze (China)

The cruise through the gorges of the Yangtze was somewhat disappointing. Due to the almost completed dam, the water level has already risen by 80 m, so the gorges are no longer quite as spectacular and many old cities have long since drowned. Instead, there are always the same-looking new cities of high-rise buildings. If there is still a temple or a pagoda to visit, the 600 passengers rush after their guides like lemmings and quickly return to the ship.

For the branching “Little Three Gorges” we are loaded onto small boats. In the narrowest part, people dressed in traditional costumes keep standing on the bank and singing, somewhere an old guy, also in traditional costume and with a carrying basket on his back, walks back and forth (the path stops after a few metres and was probably built just for him) and sings too. How original, argh.

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