Amboro National Park

Now a bit of jungle, I thought, in the Amboro National Park situated in the Sub-Andes, a fold-and-thrust belt pushed ahead by the Central Andes. So I took a night bus from La Paz towards Santa Cruz, but it didn’t stop in Bellavista, although I had told pretty much everyone on the bus company that I wanted to get off there. Luckily, the bus stops a little later for breakfast and I hitchhike the few kilometres back. In Bellavista, however, all tour providers are closed, they are only open after 2 hours of breakfast. A tour for today? But it is already late! It takes another 2 hours until a guide is organised, then we finally start. 2 days, a few waterfalls, frogs and snakes, many trees and at night the glowing eyes of some relatively large animal. Late afternoon I drive to Santa Cruz to catch a night bus to Sucre, but there is none, only during the day. Instead I take a night bus to Cochabamba and think that I can then take an early morning bus to Sucre. Nope, from here there are only night buses to Sucre. In the end I go to Oruro and from there by night bus to Uyuni and I skip Sucre.

Wasserfall im Amboro-Nationalpark
Waterfall in Amboro National Park

Near Santa Cruz there is the barracks of the Bataillon Ecologico. Whatever that is.

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