Bijele Stijene

Bizarre karst formation in Croatia

Bijele Stijene
Bijele Stijene

Of the many karst formations in Croatia (cf. The Formation of Mountains), the Bijele Stijene (“White Rocks”) are among the most fascinating and at the same time the least visited. This is certainly due to the fact that they are not easy to reach, they are located in the middle of a remote forest area where bears and wolves say good night to each other. From the villages of Begovo-Razdolje or Jasenak, which are far from major roads, you walk for long stretches along bumpy forest paths, followed by a strenuous climb up a narrow path, where you have to climb over some fallen trees. Finally you reach the ridge where many bizarre rock formations rise out of the forest, a chaos of deep cirques, rock towers and sinkholes.

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