Start of war

On the drive from Kutaissi to Borjomi, it was clear to see that something was happening: endless military convoys and crowds of people waving at the roadside, cheering the soldiers. So this is what it looks like when a war starts. This morning Georgia invaded the breakaway province of South Ossetia, Russia is defending it. … Continue reading “Start of war”


Wild mountain villages in Georgia: Cycling from Mestia to the defence towers in Ushguli and a hike to the Coruldi Ridge with a view of Ushba

Nagorno Karabakh

The self-proclaimed Republic of Nogorno Karabakh is not recognised by anyone, according to international law it is still part of Azerbaijan. De facto a part occupied by Armenia and for those living here it is 100% Armenian and always has been. There is nothing to discuss. That is a daring thesis, since an independent Armenia … Continue reading “Nagorno Karabakh”


Baku is oil. A whole row of oil platforms can be seen on the horizon in the bay, even in the suburbs there are oil pumps on every corner and in every second front garden, and the wider surroundings of the city are a tangle of pipelines. In the many bars, money is immediately converted … Continue reading “Baku”